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This page is updated with new health flyers and wellness articles monthly.
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2012-2013 Monthly Wellness Articles
May 2013
Topics include: Reduce Sit Time, Create a Positive Body Image, Get Your Kids Moving, and Anger Rising? Take Action!
March 2013
Topics include: Stand up to Job Stress,Teaching Teens to Bounce Back, Laughter to Lift Tension, and Avoiding burnout
February 2013
Topics include: Love the Person in the Mirror (5 tips to follow), Let Your Heart Rule, Keep the Spark Alive, and Maintain Healthy Office Relationships
January 2013
Topics include: Make Time, Reduce Stress; Build a Budget with Healthy Splurges; Respect; and Finding Balance in a Pressure-Cooker World
December 2012
Topics include
: Learn to Fight Right: defuse tension, Impulse Buying, Keeping a Journal for Personal Change, and Carpooling.
December 2012 Special
Stress Less this Holiday Season
November 2012
Topics include: Curb smoking cravings with exercise; rebounding from setbacks- healthy responses; work/life balance; getting credit for your ideas and more!
October 2012
Topic include: Stress, Teamwork,Character Building,Turning Off Distractions and more
September 2012
Topics include: Childhood Obesity Awarenes, Healthy Eating, and more!
August 2012
Topics include: Second Jobs, Making Checklists, Protecting Grandma from Medicare Scams, Family Resilience, Teaching Life Skills to Kids, and more!

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